Naming your dog is a big deal, and a big responsibility – remember they’re stuck with the name for life so make it something memorable for the right reasons! We reveal our very own top 20 list. And the winners are…

Hot off the press is our very own top 20 list (compiled from our database):

Top dog number! Name
1 Molly
2 Charlie
3 Ruby
4 Bella
5 Alfie
6 Max
7 Bailey (unisex name)
8 buddy
9 Coco (unisex name)
10 Daisy
11 Millie
12 Holly
13 Roxy
14 Poppy
15 Lola
16 Toby
17 Buster
18 Oscar
19 Jessie
20 Jack

Irish dog owners follow US and UK trends when naming their pooch

So how does this list compare with the dozens of other lists you’ll find online (mainly US lists, with some UK)? And more importantly, do Irish dog owners have different favourites than American or English? A bit disappointing, but not really, is the answer. We seem to go for the usual suspects, without any distinctly Irish names among our list (either by language or legend). In general, Max and Bella still seem to be the top names for 2014, and a quick scan of our list versus others shows that almost all names are common to both (notable exceptions being Lucy missing from our list and Alfie included).

Only in New York…

Well, not only in New York really, the trend has started to spread, and it’s this: calling your pet names like Gucci, Tiffany, Chanel… you get the gist. Yes, the trend of calling your pooch after your favourite fashion brand has arrived. Maybe next year Burberry will make our top 20 list!

Top tips when naming your dog

  • Avoid long, weird names – short, preferably one to two syllables will make it easier for your dog to learn and remember.
  • Match the name to the dog’s personality – this means getting to know the dog a bit before naming him or her, but you can go with a generic personality type, for example, a Great Dane might be ‘King’ and a Bichon Frise ‘Fluffy’.
  • Use a sense of humour – call your golden lab Tiny or your Red Setter Snowball!
  • Be creative – for example, take a name from your favourite book, movie, song, the street where you grew up etc.
  • Look for an Irish name – there are lots of strong Irish names with meanings behind them. Just google ‘Irish names for dogs’ and you’ll get heaps of sites to choose from.

We would love to hear what you’ve called your dog and why. Let us know by emailing Hilary on, or post via our Facebook page!