Pet Insurance Claims Advice

Clear and Concise

Making A Claim

Sometimes the most friendly and helpful insurance companies in the world suddenly become distinctly unhelpful and difficult to reach when you need to make a claim. If you need any information on your claim please call us on 021 202 9119 or email us on

When you’re a Pet Insure customer you can rely on us to be there when you need us most – at claim time.

We have kept our claim process as simple and hassle free as possible. We don’t require you to get too many additional forms filled out by your vet because we realise that going backwards and forwards to deliver and pick up forms can take hours of your time. Your vet can send information directly to us on your behalf, but you must fill in all the relevant information on the claims forms, so there is no delay with processing your claim.

When you need to make a claim, just follow these simple steps:

After your pet’s consultation, ask your vet for a copy of the clinical records relating to this visit. If we need further clinical history we will contact you, not your vet.

  • Download a claim form here.
  • Complete the form (making sure that all information is provided).
  • Attach original invoices from your veterinary clinic and the clinical records.
  • Send it in by post to: The Claims Department, PetInsure, Po Box 911, South City D.S.U, Cork, T12 C82S 
    or fax to +353 (0) 21 601 0730

To avoid unnecessary delays, please ensure that the claim form is filled out in its entirety. Incomplete forms will result in delays in processing your claim.

Download Claim Form As PDF Document

Important Information

Please review in detail Our Terms and Conditions of cover so you understand fully what is covered and what is not covered under our Plans.

Clinical History Requests

As part of our standard procedure, we require full clinical history for your pet, from all Vets that your pet has attended when you are making your first claim. In the event that your pet has been referred to a specialist practice, please ensure to include clinical history from your vet as well as the referral practice. To help speed up the processing of your claim, please ensure that all of this information is included with your claim form.

Please see our Terms of Business.