We had a lot of fun trying out free iphone and ipad apps. Some were definitely more amusing to humans than to animals. Here’s an app-itiser of what we tried and liked…

Cat apps

Cat game is a simple but fun cat app. It features a bright light moving around your choice of backgrounds. When your cat taps the screen where the light appears, it vanishes. Still feeling a bit woozy after playing that one for too long – oh and the cat liked it too!

Cat Toy offers your cat a choice of a moving a spider, butterfly, mouse or laser-type light, and includes sounds that react to a paw on the screen. If you’re not a mouse or spider lover it might be a bit creepy for you, but your cat should love it.

Pocket Pond was an app made for humans but it turns out cats love it too. It makes a great sound of rippling water when you tap the screen to touch the fish.
For a good review of these games, as well as some tips on getting your cat interested in the iphone and ipad apps click here https://www.petfinder.com/blog/2011/01/games_for_pets_cats_iphone_app/

Dog apps

Dog Toy: shake the phone and it makes different squeaky noises to entertain the dog, that’s it – about as simple as the app name, but again it’s amusing.

Dog Whistle: this app mimics dog whistles in a number of different shrill frequencies. Maybe it works well for some dogs, but our dog slept through it all, without batting an eyelid so to speak (in fairness though, she slightly cocked her ear at one of the whistles).

Click train: this app literally just emits a single click at a time; but what’s good about it is the information about click training of a dog that comes with it. The click tells the dog that it has done something right and that a reward is coming.

Dog sounds and Bodytalk: this app has different bark noises, for example; big dog, small dog, snarling dog, whining dog. It also has a body talk interpretation for playful and happy, curious and excited, friendly, anxious, aggressive, dominant, submissive – not quite sure why you’d need an app for this; you’d think most pet owners have a fair idea of when a pet is happy or angry!

Pet App Warning: Everything comes with a price, even a free pet app. Be prepared for ads popping up on the screen randomly; and also beware of the upgrades that you might have to pay for.