Time to cut through the neutering hype, debunk some neutering myths and give you some neutering tips.

Neutering Facts:

In seven years, one un-spayed dog and all her offspring can produce more than 4 million dogs!
Thousands of dogs are euthanized in Irish pounds every year. Having your pet neutered ensures you are not contributing to this tragic and unnecessary waste of life.

Neutering Tips:

Shop around for the best neutering price: ring a number of vets and ask the right questions – are painkillers, aftercare, getting stitches out, collars etc. included in the fee or are they extra?

The cost of neutering

If you’re a low-income pet owner you may be entitled to highly-subsidised neutering fees (check out Dogs Trust http://www.dogstrust.ie/az/s/subsidisedneutering/#.U9lQFr1waUk
or Blue Cross http://www.bluecross.ie/welfare_schemes.html)
To exchange ideas and information you can’t beat talking to other pet owners – find yourself a good online forum and get stuck in.

Neutering Myths:

MYTH: Better to leave my female dog have one litter before spaying
FACT: Medical evidence has shown that a female dog spayed before her first heat cycle is typically healthier than dogs spayed after the first heat cycle or after having a litter of puppies. You should consult your vet about the appropriate time to spay or neuter your dog .

MYTH: My dog will feel like less of a male
FACT: Dogs have no concept of sexual identity or ego and neutering does not change a dog’s basic personality.

Useful website

ISPCA – Neutering Q & A: