First off the blocks for 2015 in our series of live online Q&A was a dog grooming session with Carole Jones of The Little Dog Laughed A huge thanks to Carole for donating her time and expertise. The session was a huge success and provided a very valuable insight into all things grooming.

You can read all the questions posted, and more importantly, the answers, here

The world of grooming, and how different breeds have different challenges, is fascinating. We learned, for instance, that bichon get a red stained face from enzymes in their tears and saliva; as well as tips on how to clean it.

We got to hear about using a furminator de-shedding tool (hasta la vista baby!) on short-haired dogs like Dalmatians; when it’s time to pluck a dog’s ears (check for hair growing in the ear canal), when it’s time for an anal gland squeeze (when pooch is rooting and scooting!) and when it’s time to clip the toe nails.

Also, a cautionary note: don’t bring puppy to be groomed until they’re fully vaccinated. We love the advice that Carole gives about encouraging owners to bring pup in to hang out, have a gently brushing and get used to the grooming environment before ever having a groom.

A big thanks to you, our pet-loving online community, for taking part in this session. Next up in the series will be another vet Q & A session, followed by a dog training one.

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