Introducing live online Q & A with Carole Jones, Dog Groomer Extraordinaire!

There’s a lot more to grooming than just taking a clippers to pooch and hoping for the best. One bad experience could send your dog running scared… and destined for a lifetime of bad hair days. Whether it’s a mild trim you’re looking for or a groom to a specific breed standard for a pedigree dog, they’re a lot involved. Grooming is a big part of the modern day dog maintenance routine and most of us don’t know the first thing about it. But is going to fix that!

We are delighted to be hosting a Facebook event; where Carole Jones of The Little Dog Laughed grooming salon, in Clonakilty, County Cork, will be online to answer all your grooming questions live on Thursday 19th February at 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

Just click here to join the event: This is an open event so feel free to invite anyone it might be useful to!

We had a chat with Carole about the grooming business to whet our appetite. Carole is a consummate professional and a genuine animal lover. She is passionate in her belief that the first responsibility of a groomer is to safeguard the well-being of every dog that’s groomed. The canine clients should leave the salon more relaxed and at ease than when they came in (no minor feat). Grooming can be stressful for many dogs; they need time, patience and firm, gentle reassurance.

We asked Carole what type of questions people generally ask her, and she had no shortage of questions – and answers (in brackets) for us. Here’s a sneak preview, and it might help you to formulate some questions of your own:

  • What’s covered in a grooming session? (e.g. preventive grooming – ears, nails, anal glands, etc.);
  • Why did the groomer ‘shave’ my dog? (Matted dogs and humane grooming)
  • Why did the groomer recommend brushing my dog instead of clipping? (Double coated dogs, coats unsuited to clipping, other reasons not to clip)
  • Why is my dog’s face always stained and what can be done about it?
  • Do you get bitten often? (Fearful biting vs aggressive biting, dealing with difficult dogs)
  • How do I know that my dog will be safe and treated gently?
  • Do you groom sedated dogs? (Pros and cons of sedation)
  • Can I stay and watch while my dog is groomed?
  • When should my puppy first go to the grooming salon?
  • Is it normal that my dog needs so much grooming?

The thing about Bichons Frisés…what they don’t tell you about Bichons, Malteses, Shih Tzus, Westies, Lhasa Apsos…Dogs with high maintenance coats. So start getting those burning questions ready; Carole will be waiting!