From sequined jackets and crowns to light up dresses, painted nails and ankle jewels – nothing is too much as these dogs strut their stuff at the New York pet fashion show. We take a fun look at the style on display…

A few weeks ago we talked about the phenomenon of pet humanisation (; where for various reasons, people are now treating their pets more and more like humans. Dogs and cats are now being integrated into traditionally ‘human’ events and activities — New York Fashion Week is one such event, where the week is opened by no less than a dog fashion show! It’s quirky and fun, but best of all raises money for various animal charities.

The following short video gives an overview of the event, with its 4 runway shows and charity rescue event:

For the most outrageous looks you have to check this out (one of the dogs is wearing a real fur collar – now that just seems wrong!):

And to get a real flavour of the event check out these you tube snippets:

An associated event for New York fashion week is an online dog competition where people vote for their favourite from a shortlist of 15 fabulous pooches. The winner gets 1000 dollars to donate to their favourite charity. Check them out here:

Who knew dressing up your pooch could be so much fun!