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Why have Pet Insurance?


A host of new treatments are now available to dog and cat owners, but they are increasingly expensive. Treatments such as dialysis, chemotherapy, and increasingly sophisticated surgical procedures now mean your pet has a good chance of recovering from events when only a few years ago euthanasia would have been the only option.


Vet Bills

Pet insurance gives you some protection against potentially major vet bills. This means you can make decisions about your dog or cat’s future while maintaining and improving their quality of life.

Pet insurance policies can range from covering only major medical and surgical events, through to helping you pay for a more comprehensive range of pet and pet-related expenses. With dog insurance and cat insurance you can focus on your pet and not on the cost of the treatment.


Who should consider Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance should be considered by every dog or cat owner who wants the best care possible for their pet, without the worry of whether or not they can afford unexpected vets bills.

As ever more sophisticated and expensive treatments have become available, the concept of ‘financial euthanasia’ has reared its ugly head. That is, people being forced to make the decision to put their pets down simply because they cannot afford treatment.


Dog Insurance and Cat Insurance

Your dog insurance and cat insurance will give you a degree of comfort. Should something unexpected happen your dog or cat, pet insurance can help cover the cost of unexpected vet treatment costs.

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*based on discounted premium for first year only for dog insurance and cat insurance.

Exclusions: There are some exclusions, all of which you can read about in this document: Breed specific exclusions, age at entry and waiting period.

At PetInsure we do not limit what you can claim by condition and conditions which you may have claimed for during the current policy year are not ‘excluded’ from cover after renewal. We provide, what is termed in the industry as “Lifetime Cover*” which means that we do not seek to limit either the amount you can claim or the length of time you can claim for a specific condition.

At PetInsure we have a very straight forward ‘flat rate’ policy excess, which is easy to understand, for both of our plans, which is outlined clearly in our terms and conditions and does not vary according to the amount which you might be claiming. All insurers charge ‘the excess’ per condition per policy year.

The maximum age at policy inception is 5 years and continued cover thereafter requires that your pet has been kept vaccinated for its lifetime & you can show you have brought your pet to a veterinary surgeon at least once a year while in your possession.

Pet Insurance - Puppy Insurance and Kitten Insurance

Love Me

We know how much you love your pet. That’s why we offer lifetime pet insurance cover for your pal. So if your best friend develops a long term illness, we’ll be there all the way.

Cat Pet Insurance and Kitten Pet Insurance

Mind Me

Accidents happen. And no matter how much you protect your pet, it’s best to plan for the unexpected. With our PetInsure lifetime cover pet insurance you don’t have to raid the kitty to save one.

Pet Insurance - Dog Insurance and Puppy Insurance

Insure Me

Your Pet needs lots of special care and attention. Our Petinsure lifetime pet insurance cover can help to keep Vets’ bills as small as your pet, so you won’t be hopping mad.